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Michael Ausserbauer

Blue Mike (Michael Außerbauer)
played with Sal Nistico, Champion Jack Dupree, Louisiana Red, Axel Zwingenberger, Al Jones and a lot of other great ones. The saxophonist with the big sound and great technique only leaves his horns alone when he sings the blues. Just the way he learned to do it on the road with the big names. Tim Price on Michael: „I hear so much in his playing, he would sound good playing with Houston Person or Scott Hamilton, he ‘s that kinda guy.”

Sara Gallitz

Sara Gallitz is the newcomer from Portugal. But her sound comes from quite a different place. Tim puts it like this: : „If I told you she was from Chicago or Detroit you‘d have no reason to doubt me!“  Her sphere as a singer: fado. Her sphere as a saxophonist: everything. She has a big sound and swings hard.

Together this pair of horns is irresistible like a tornado and then again elegant like Chanel No 5. Once again Tim Price: “Both Michael and Sara are of the highest caliber and are full of impulsive, articulate energy.“

Dieter Knirsch

Dieter Knirsch is an undisputed master of the 88 keys. The last of the romantics he blends McCoy and Mendelssohn, Monk and Mussorgsky into a quite unique and soulful texture. He’s never in a loss for the right chords and he is a breathtaking soloist.

Stephan Glaubitz
Stephan Glaubitz
is Mr. Groove in person. He shakes the stage with his meaty and yet sophisticated bass lines, he spurs the soloists and when it’s time to take a solo he makes you forget that the bass is thought of as a heavy and cumbersome axe.

Ralph Ausserbauer

Ralph Ausserbauer
is a technically most refined drummer, hard as Mike Tyson’s punch and soft as a breeze in spring when necessary. And he swings like hell. More than that: He seems to have this rare talent to really listen to a soloist and anticipate his lines.

TENOR STEPS is a band highly acclaimed by the critics. “These guys are magnificent”, “Saxophone aces” and a lot more are the critic’s reward for their rare combination of groove, drive, elegance and their qualities as entertainers.





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